How to capture repeating headers and footers on a multipage document?


I'm working on ABBYY Flexilayout to create a layout for a multipage document. The document is of the following format:

1) Multipage document.
2) No unique information on first or last page to identify the Footer i.e. Almost all the information (except for the tables on the pages) repeats itself.
3) The Tables do not have columns names or text that can serve as Footer or Header elements.
4) There is only a page number field (Page 1 of 7, Page 2 of 7,...., Page 7 of 7) which tells us whether the page is the first page or the last page.

In this scenario, I can identify the header with a static text field which finds the "Page 1 of" text to indicate that corresponding page is the first page in the document. 

However, how do I locate the footer and tell Flexilayout as to which page is the last page? (At the end of the day, I need to "Total" field but from the last page)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've attached a sample of the invoice for your viewing.

Thank you.



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    Vladimir Dimitrijević


    The easiest solution would be to create keywords: Page1of1|Page2of2|Page3of3|Page4of4|Page5of5|.......

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