Landscape Orientation in OCR Editor

In OCR Editor, when I open a pdf in landscape format it forces portrait mode upon it and cuts off the last couple table columns on the right and puts them on a new page. How can I get OCR Editor to use landscape format and keep my tables together?

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    Sujit Sah

    hi David,

    you can apply page orientation for this type of issues.

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    David Hoshour

    I checked "Correct Orientation" under Options and that worked fine for the first page but when I selected the other pages and hit Recognize, it ignored the orientation on all the other pages and cut off the right side as I described.

    I had to delete the task and open it again. This time I drew the table on the first page, recognized it and then went to Area and selected Save Template. Then I selected all the pages but before I recognized them I went to Area again and loaded the template before I hit Recognize.

    That worked, but I really think having to do that is a flaw in the program. It ought to work without me having to override it by applying a template.


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