How to capture empty fields in FlaxiLayout? Answered


I'm trying to capture data from a field that may og may not have data to capture in FlexiLayout. Whether it's text there or not, I want it to find the field area. I have noe problem to find the label. 

In the picture i try to find "Kundenr". I have findt the label "Kundenr", but FL thinkt that "Rutenr" is the label. 


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    Mohammed Yunus

    If I understood your question right, the label "Kundenr" has an empty field. But mistakenly, Abbyy recognizes "Rutenr" as the field for the label. But actually it shouldn't. Right?


    If that's the case, try reducing field width.

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    Maria M. Figenschou

    Hi Mohammed 

    Thank you for your answer.

    That is correct :) I want Abbyy to understand that "Kundenr" can be empty and can have data. I have now tried to reducing the field width, but it did not work. The SerachElement tree only get light green, so Abbyy did not find either the label or field. 


    I gladly accept more creative solutions for this problem :)  


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