Delete whole batch (as a user)

As a user, how can I delete a whole batch that I've don't want to export.


FlexiCapture monitors an e-mail address and somesome send spam to this mailbox. The batch creates 4 documents but they are all spam / non invoices / whatever.

I know that I can delete each document individually, but that's not my goal.

How can a user delete a whole batch? Is it some permissions that just need to be set or ??


It should be done from the normal Verification-tool (or web-verification)


FC is version 12 - newest build.



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    Vladimir Dimitrijević


    In Project Setup Station -> Project Properties -> User Roles and then Edit for the role you want to allow users to delete the batch. Check option "Create/delete batches" and save it. Restart verification station and try again.

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