Add all the document definition field values to a collection Answered

Hi Team,

We need to log manual changes  to a selection of invoice fields to act as an indicator of how well FCI captures invoices without any operator intervention.
Track changed fields on document export to show which vendors will need field training.

To achieve this I am planning to perform the following actions.
1. After automatic recognition of invoices , collect all the field's value in to a collection (say dictionary or hashtable using script)
2. After manual verification or clearance , compare the field values with the above collection.
So that I can find the fields which required manual intervention.
Hope you guys understand my query. Please suggest a solution to collect all the fields of document definition to a collection or a way to loop the fields of  a document definition.

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    Sreeju Padmanabhan

    Any one please suggest a idea to this post !!!!

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    Vladimir Dimitrijević

    Hi Sreeju,

    In our business scenario we used this approach:

    - Added 2 workflow stages: Initial Parking (just after Recognition stage) and Parking (after each Verification stage)
    - Added 2 database tables: Documents and DocumentHistory. As users can verify one document several times before it gets exported, we stored each time data in DocumentHistory table. In Documents table is data related only to the current state and it is used for export to SAP afterwards.
    - In database tables we log all data from the invoices, along with username who made changes on document

    Hope this will give you idea how to proceed forward.

    Best regards,

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    Sreeju Padmanabhan

    Hello Vladimir,

    Thanks for the quick reply. 
    I will try this way and update you , if any issue occures, 


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