Imported FlexiLayout - Not Being Used While Recognizing Document Answered

Good Morning,

I am having trouble with importing a FlexiLayout and using it on a document recognition.  I have completed this with many other FlexiLayouts.

Here is my workflow: Export FlexiLayout (.afl) > Import AFL into Project Setup Station under Field Extraction Training Batches where I want the Flexi > Create a new folder in TEST BATCHES > Load document into the new test batch, recognize.

Usually what happens is the Fields are picked up from what I specified in the Flexi Layout.  What I'm getting now is ABBYY not using the Flexi I created and only grabbing the fields it tried before I created the general ones it was having trouble with earlier.

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    This issue needs deeper investigation than forum format allows (we have to reproduce your results on our side). Please address the issue to the regional support, send them the project, samples and scenario descriptions.

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    Mike Daigle

    Check that the correct vendor is being matched.  That would be my first guess.


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