Fine Reader Server edited output not reflected in PDF output


In fine reader server 14 I was created a workflow with option verify all document. When I loaded the input images those goes and wait in verification station, there I modified some words and given accept document which ends in creating output file.

I've selected 2 formats as output PDF & Word, in the word output the modified words are changed but in the pdf what was in the original image same was reflected. 

How to make the modified field to be reflected in pdf output

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    I have tried to reproduce the described behavior on the test workflow and found that modified pdf had been created correctly. So to find the solution we should investigate your workflow settings. Please address the issue to the regional support and send them the specified xml file and some samples to reproduce the issue.

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    Scott Chau

    Keep in mind, PDF export could have a Text layer and Image Layer.  The image layer might still be original.  You might want to change the PDF export setting to "text and picture only"


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