Separate Verification Queues

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to figure out what best practices are when separate verification queues are needed. Everything about the project will remain the same, it's just that there are different groups of people responsible for verifying documents from different import sources. 

So for example, there's two email inboxes A and B and two groups of people A and B. Group A should only verify the documents coming from inbox A and the same for Group B and inbox B.





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    Lars Urban

    Hi Wesley,

    this is easy to setup. You have more than one Batch Types ?
    If yes, you can create Groups and select only the needed Batch Types for that.

    Open your Monitoring --> https://localhost/FlexiCapture12/Monitoring/  ---- or w/o https ;-)

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    Wesley Chen

    Hey Lars,

    Thanks for the input. Is there a way to either have the batch type name or the import profile name populate a field for the document? As an added level of requirement, data needs to be captured regarding how the document was imported into the system.



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    We had slight different requirement to implement multiple Verification queues in same Project and Same Batch Type.How we achieved :

    1. At the source , we added Batch Registration Parameter at source (Our documents are received via webservice)

    2. Added a Custom Batch script in workflow to extract registration parameter and set to Documents in batch

    3. Added two separate Verification stages of Type Verification (with custom entry scripts to check registration parameter value), also created roles for them. Disabled the default verification stage.

    Regarding your second question :

    This is a sample C# code, Make sure stage Type selected in Batch processing:

    Extracting Batch Type :

    string sBatchType = Batch.BatchTypeName ;

    How to set is back in document Field1 of first document:

    Documents[0].Field("Document Section 1\\Field1").Text = sBatchType;



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    Wesley Chen

    Awesome, I'll give this a shot. Thank you!


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