How to capture date when it's crossing two lines?

Aberdeen Asset Management PLC announces the unaudited net asset values (NAVs) of the following investment companies as at close of business on 11
September 2019. Unless otherwise disclosed, the NAVs have been calculated in accordance with the recommendations of the Association of Investment

The paragraph is like this. When the date is on the same line, I'm able to use the Date element to get it.

But when it has multiple lines, it fails to extract the date. And I'm not seeing any option for allowing multiple lines for a date element.

Any suggestions on this?






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    There is no specific element for such situations but you may implement the following logic:

    Capture two parts of torn string in any way you can and include these parts to the group element. Then pass the group to the block.Please see the screenshot. Than in the Document Definition Editor extract the Date value by an applicable datatype.



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