Recognised documents & Unknown document sent to Exception via script

Hi all,


Currently I have a process where it tries to recognised everything that is written on the e-mail and its attachment.


For the most part, it works well, however in some rare cases it only recognises some of the files, such as 3/11 pages.

What it currently does is to produce 3 pages as an export and moves to the e-mail to the sucessfull/processed destination.


I would like to have a script where if I have an unknown document that are not mached by any document definition, even if it is a single page out of 100, I would like to move it to exception destination without processing.


Is there a setting for that? Do I need to write a custom script? If I do could you please help me with the script and where to put the script, for example as a rule on document definition?







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    Adrian Enders

    Is the document still classified? Or is it "unknown"?

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