FCI disable line item verification for select columns for specific vendor invoices

We are capturing vendor invoices and are using a single FCI document definition.  Some vendors omit common columns in their line item table such as Quantity and Rate which triggers verification for 200+ rows.

We would like to turn off verification of these 2 columns for problem vendors without disabling these line item columns for the entire document definition.

We have tried creating an additional flexilayout but see no way to disable the 2 columns within this additional flexilayout.  This seems to be a document definition wide setting.

We have considered copying the document definition and using search fields to apply it to the problem vendors but ran into problems restricting the copied document definition to only the problem vendors.  We are trying to avoid creating a regular FC document definition (not FCI) as we would have more work in defining the table area and other fields.

We are wondering if there is a more elegant solution? How is this situation best addressed? Any recommendations would be appreciated.




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