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is there a way to show the hypothesis of all elements. If i test (Ctrl + T) an element it is recognized, but if i test all together (Ctrl + E) some elements wont be recognized. And now i try to find out why.




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    Few questions :

    1. Is this a single page document or multi-page ?

    2. Have you defined Header in Layout?

    3. Are there some mandatory search elements above this elements ?

    4. Can you post picture of hypothesis tree . Picture will be helpful in identifying where and how exactly hypothesis is ending . Is this suddenly ending on some particular element ?

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    Volkmar Letsch



    Thank you for your response, i think i found the reason for my problem. But first some more information that are maybe usefull. We use the FlexiLayout to find answers in a defined, but flexible questionnaire. We have a header (some static text) and a footer (barcode). On that questionnaire can be 2 types of answer free text (frame with handwriten text) and defined answer (multiple choice) in any combination. To make it more easy to find and identify these questions we have a number/number combination at the right side of these questions.

    I found out, that the yellow part was the reason for not finding any question after page one. After adding the two lines before my recognition worked like a charme, but slower then before.



    1. it is a multipage document

    2. yes there is a header and footer defined

    3. yes, the header and the footer are required


    Larger Picture


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