How To Reference Vendor Information in Script Rules (Error, can't find field "VendorID") Answered

Hi Everyone,

I am creating a script where if a certain VendorID is populated, then execute the script.  I am writing in C#/.net and the script is passing and getting the  "Script is ok" dialogue box from ABBYY.

When I save and publish the doc def, I am getting this error"

"No Field Name with 'VendorID'. at ABBYY.FlexiCapture.IRuleContext.Field(String Name) at Main.Execute(IRuleContext Context)

Any idea if we can reference the Vendor information in a script?  I have checked and everything is named correctly for referencing the blocks in the code.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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    Adrian Enders

    Yeah, so in the Rule script it is using a reference to the fields you add to the rule. First, make sure that you add the field to the config before you enter the script for that rule. Additionally, if you notice where you add the fields there is an "Alias" column. The script actually uses the "Alias" name in the script, not the field name directly. Verify that the Alias is "VendorID". If not make it so.

    Another trick: when you are in the script, the Field property will actually use intelliSense. If you put the cursor in between the quotes of the field name you want and press Ctrl+Spacebar the script will pop up the available options from the Alias' set in the config. This allows you to verify the correct field name in the selection.

    Either you didn't add the field to the config, or the alias is not "VendorID".

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    Thank you, yes I made the simple mistake of not adding the field before writing the script and didn't notice it until a million times later.

    Also thanks for the tip for cntrl+spacebar!

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    this occured same for me but i added the field name properly every scripts are getting executed but not this field..



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