Abbyy flexicapture verification station Confiuration

Hi all ,

I new to this forum and sorry if im going wrong or if i may brake forum standards.


We have install  Abbyy flexicapture 12 on our office premises as enterprise version, and its running fine,

my question is ....


we are planing to do verification (verification station) from out side of the office network (user may work from home from their home network) 

we are currently doing this and the verification take like 20 minutes to appear the tasks 

and we have setup the remote verification station and it also take much time to appear

my question is , i need to abbey level excact data and information  what is the minimum bandwaith level need to connect this properly 

and do we need to public DB server ports or licensing server ports in order to express this ,

i hope i need some answer form abbyy level , because we are check with the nework layer and there are no any block on there 




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