Error Message - "Cannot build project"

I was building a flexilayout with three alternatives and everything was going fine - I went to edit an element and the screen kind of froze and refreshed itself and now when I try to match a page to a layout or alternative, I get a pop up that says "Cannot build project". 




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    Vladimir Dimitrijevic


    Is there anything else, any kind of error in any of the fields? (it should contain red error on the field name)

    If there are no errors, then best would be to create new FlexiLayout project and copy all settings from your old to the new project. 

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    Terry Carnes

    Another thought is to disable (select, then right-click and select Disable) any elements/blocks with the red error on the field name and see if it will build. Then look at each field marked red in turn. Sometimes when you create alternatives with copy and paste, the relations tab of the pasted element is still pointing back to the original alternative instead of the new one.


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