Maximum Document Definition in a Project?

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I am new here looking for a suggestion!


I am creating a new project for Invoice Data Extraction.

According to my knowledge there are 2 ways:

1. Use the Inbuilt template(Document definition)

2. Create separate Flexi Layout for each supplier (different document Definitions)


I personally don't like case1 because the output is usually not inline with the Invoice. Lot of tweaking post extraction required.

What is the Ideal way / best practice to develop a project where you have lets say 50 different layouts of Invoices?

If i develop 50 different Layout.. that is 50 different document definitions in 1 project in future... will it affect my project performance or anything?



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    Khushboo Bansal


    I hope you are creating ABBYY Flexilayout for Invoices project.

    First of all, I would like t tell you that document definition is not same as a layout/invoice template.

    Consider document definition as a form on which the fields which are to be extracted are located. These fields would be same for all the invoices, regardless of their format. Every invoice will go through the step of matching document definition first which would basically tell ABBYY which fields to look for on the invoice. After this, ABBYY will identify the customer from which the particular invoice has come and next, it would use the layout specific to this customer to actually extract those fields.

    Now, in your scenario, since you have invoices with 50 templates, the recommended approach would be using ABBYY's inbuilt feature only. Create one document definition, fill the vendor database and start training the invoices. You will have to train multiple documents with slight variations for every template. What is interesting is that ABBYY will create a flexilayout automatically on the basis of your training. And if needed, you can make changes in the layout.

    This approach would save you a lot of time.

    Here's a link to the documentation:




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