XML Description File Layout for Import Answered

Hello All,

i am lost in space -__
I search for an example how to fill out this kind of XML.

What i have found so far is this -->

Can someone please provide example for this ?
My example has 1 Invoice + 1 attachment(Annex Page)

Thank you very much in advance !

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    The simplest way to see how the description XML file should be formed, is to create a batch on the Scanning Station, load there a source image file, assemble its pages into several documents and then export the batch into the local folder.

    For this example, we took the 18-pages standard "invoices_eng.pdf" file from "D:\work" folder and split it as 2 8-pages documents (pp 1-8 and pp 10-17), and two non-document images (pp 9 and 18).

    Please see the Scanning Station batch structure and how the export folder looks like:

    Resulting folder structure:

    Description file:

    If you need further assistance, please let us know the details of your scenario.

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    Drew Davis

    Is there a way when exporting documents from Flexicapture scanning to remove the XML file that is created?


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