How to Limit the extraction to Page X on a multi page PDF

In case of multi page document, FC recognizes info everywhere.

I would like to limit the recognition to the first page which contains all I need for extraction. Others pages give additional information and are secondary, but must be kept.

Please assist



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    Rahul Kapoor

    You can do that by categorizing other pages as annex. To do so, In project Setup station, go to

    Document Definition -> Document Definition Properties -> Assembly -> Set 'Min' and 'Max' as 1 for your layout and check 'enable annex page'. For annex page, set 'Max' to a higher number.


    But I'd suggest you a better way. It'd be better to split only page 1 of pdf before importing to Abbyy, because every page that is going to Abbyy will cost you something. By separating first page, you'll save a lot on the license cost.

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