Invoice Project Prerecognition parameters differ from the main Prerecognition parameters Answered


Can you please help me why I am getting the following issue and how to resolve it. Thanks

The Prerecognition parameters in the additional FlexiLayout differ from the main Prerecognition parameters - it can slow down the invoice recognition


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    Mike Daigle

    In your FlexiLayout you can choose the pre-recognition setting.  Double click the element tree directly above your upper most "block" in FlexiLayout Studio.  Click "Advanced Pre-recognition Properties" and note what is selected here...either "Fast", "Balanced" or "Thorough" (called "Full" if using v12 or higher).

    Then under your project properties in Project Setup Station, there is a similar setting, when these don't match it "could" cause different results as one will be doing a more thorough job potentially.  To find the setting in Project Setup depends on your version but if you poke around in the project properties, you may find it on the recognition tab. 

    That said, it isn't necessarily a problem, it depends on a few other settings but is very easy to correct by ensuring these two settings match between FLexiLayout studio and Project Setup.  Full or Thorough will be a little slower but will generally produce better results with poor image quality.  Don't forget that if you change the setting in your layout, you need to re-export that and then update your Document Definition with the newly exported layout and publish your changes.


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