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         I'm trying to get the Confidence Score of each field that ABBYY extracted. To do so, I initially tried with a rule script, that will output the confidence score of a particular field to another field, in Abbyy project setup station. However, I got the value 0 in the resulting field. Then I read in forums that I have to set the ForceSaveConfidenceLevel = true registry key. 

I set that registry key in my server. However, the processing server is different, I was happy to see the confidence score returned in my project setup station. But, when I tried doing the same from a UiPath workflow, I couldn't. I believe I should set the key in the processing server. 


I set the same registry key in processing server as well. I don't see any outputs. Now, my question is,

1. How come I got the results when I set the key in my server, eventhough the processing server which I connected in the setup station is different. Does it mean, the documents gets processed in my server itself, when I run it through setup station?

2. I set the same key in the processing server as well. What more should I do? I read in the forums that I should set the key in the user account that recognizes document, how do I find which account is that?? There's only one Administrator account in our processing server and I've set the registry key there. 


Note: In another totally unrelated documentation here,, in the end, they have mentioned to restart the program for the registry keys to take effect. Will that work? Stopping and restarting the processing server will take the registry key values into account and resolve my issue?


Looking forward to your reply,

Thanks in advance

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    Mohammed Yunus


           In the end, what worked for me was, the processing server in which I set the registry keys, I should make sure that the two services, "ABBYY Processing Server" and "Abbyy Processing Station" should be running in the user account which ABBYY uses to recognize documents. 

         I read this point earlier, but I ignored this because, in my processing server, there was only one user account, the Administrator. I assumed by default ABBYY will use this account. But when I went on to check it "Start -> Services -> ABBYY Flexicapture 12 Processing Server" and the same for ABBYY Flexicapture 12 Processing Station -> Properties", the user account was "Network Service". 

        I got help from ABBYY support to figure this out. I changed the account to ".\Administrator" and the password for both of the services and yes I was able to get the confidence score when I send files to ABBYY through SDK or a UiPath workflow.


    So, in conclusion, below are the steps to be followed to get the confidence score

    1. Write a rule script to output the confidence of a field into another field. I'll paste my script for reference. Feel free to change according to your requirements.

    var invoiceNumberLen=this.Field("InvoiceNumber").Symbols.Count;
    var invoiceNumberConfidenceOutput = 0;
    for (i = 0 ; i < invoiceNumberLen; ++i)
    invoiceNumberConfidenceOutput += this.Field("InvoiceNumber").Symbols.Item(i).Confidence;
    invoiceNumberConfidenceOutput = invoiceNumberConfidenceOutput/invoiceNumberLen;
    this.Field("InvoiceNumberAcc").Text = invoiceNumberConfidenceOutput + "%";

    2. Add a registry key "ForceSaveConfidenceLevel" in the processing server with the user account that the ABBYY uses.

    3. Make sure the services run under this user account and not something else.

    I hope that will do the job.




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