Classification through section of a document

I have a document that is divided into 18 section. I need to make a classification on the basis of whether section 18 and section 19 (which are at the bottom of the page) are empty or filled in. So I need to make 3 classes. first id S18 and S19 are empty, second if S18 is filled in and S19 is empty and third if S18 and S19 are both filled in. It seems that it is not enough to just load the documents in and set the class to the document, and then train the system. The most part of the document has hand-printed text and there are several different languages and document layouts I need to take into consideration. Also, the filled in text isn't necessary confined to the section rectangle.

is there a way in FC12 to maybe draw a rectangle around the section I want to use for classification? 

If anyone has an idea to tackle this...





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