Dinamic Elements or blocks in FlexiLayout Studio 11 Answered

Hi, Hello, I'm using FlexiLayout Studio 11 and when I recognize my invoices I have to search for a specific phrase. In case it appears, I must give value to a block of characters indicating if it has appeared or not.

For the moment i´m using a String variable in the Static text search element to determine if it´s appear or no. I do it this way:

External field: String ReccValue;

Advanced post-search relations:

if(not isNull and Value.Find("CampoAdicional")>=0) then ReccValue = "Si"; else ReccValue="false";

But I do not know how to modify the value of a block or the element itself depending on this variable.

I would be grateful if you could tell me how to solve it.

Thank you very much.



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    Hello, Rodrigo

    On the level of FlexiLayout Studio the best practice to switch between different logical situations is to rely on regions' IsFound/IsNull state and not on text field values found in FlexiLayout Studio (as flexi layouts provide for FlexiCapture only blocks' regions and not any values)

    In your case, you may create element of Region (say, named regionReccValue) type with the following code in Advanced pre-search relations:


    If kwNeededStaticText.IsFound Then


    RSA: kwNeededStaticText.Rect; //or anywhere you wish







    and create a Block (say, ReccValue) based on this regionReccValue element.

    Then on the level of FlexiCapture Document Definition you may check the field ReccValue.IsMatched property (true/false) and make a decision based on its' state.


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