My static field footer is not recognized in the second page of FlexiLayout Answered

Hello everyone.

Please, i have a problem in my flexi capture layout.

the problem is that my static field footer is not recognized, if it falls on a second page or more. this poses a

problem of matching the document.

FYI => if I change the minimum of page 1 to 2 in terms of flexilayout properties, it works but it does not make sense you must have at least one page


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    Try playing around following settings in layout :

    • Min Pages to 1 and Maximum to INF

    Setting in Footer element :

    • Unselect  check box in Search Constraints : Absolute Search Area Last Page.
    • Minimum Number of found sub-elements : 1 (Or 2 if compounded element)
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    Alae Rahmani


    thank you for your reply.

    i have tried the proposed solutions but still the footer isnt recognized.

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    Alae Rahmani

    the probleme is resolved, thank you @sahota.

    the solution is to change element of footer to requierd :D.


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