Minimum criteria for scaning invoice in resolution and DPI

Hi, we are creating mobile Application which uploads invoices through camera.

We want to set criteria for that image so that we can read that image

if that image satisfy that criteria then we accept image & if not then we reject that image ?

Can you give us minimum criteria for the invoices so that we can accept scans from users ?



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    You may see the information about scanning options in the article: Operating a configured project > Adding page images > Scanning parameters. 

    As to the resolution, values for non-scanned documents are undefined, so you may calculate them by using the “treat as photo” checkmark in the Image Preprocessing Settings or in the Image Preprocessing tab, if your bachtype is not default. If the calculated resolution will be less than 200 dpi, please consider providing documents in better quality.

    You may also take a look on the ABBYY solution named Mobile Data Capture. More information about it you may find in this resource:

    If the solution is interesting for you please contact your sales representative.


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