Repeating group for multiple pages Answered

 Hello Everyone!

I have created 1 layout with 5 repeating groups for a multipage document.But after defining the document definition and testing the layout only first page fields are displayed and other pages fields are not shown for verification can please anyone help me solve this issue.

Thanks a lot!


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    Could you please reattach the screenshots?

    Please check that you enabled multi–page mode in the FLS project properties and set the correct pages' number range (e.g. 1 to 5)

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    Andreas Schäferhoff

    Hello Ekaterina,

    Because I have the same problem (only element on the first document page is detected; multi-page mode in FLS project is enabled; 2 element is recognized by the pre-recognition), is it possible to get the reason for Lucky's problem.

    Thanks for your support.

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    Andreas Schäferhoff

    After changing in FLS for the repeating group element the property "Repeating Group" from "Document mode" (default) to "Page mode" the problem was fixed for me.


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