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Hi everyone,

I have a problem occurring when I want to train a table field recognition using Flexicapture. 

Out of one multipage document I have to extract a table. I set up a document definition and create only a table layout and an additional text field. 

Afterwards, I defined the table with all columns and rows and the text field in the field extraction window for some documents. When I hit the train fields button Flexicapture is only training the text field but not the table itself.

The table has the option "allow field training" marked. Training only the table and not the text field results to the info:

->prepair training data -> training done

So there is no training happening.

Can somebody please help?

Thanks and greetings


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    We recommend you to use a repeating group. But please keep in mind that training has its limitations:

    You can’t train repeating fields and groups, except for invoice line items

    You can’t train groups with variable number of fields – again, except for invoice line items

    If the location of a field on the invoice varies a lot, training may not be effective.

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    Hello Ekaterina,

    thank you for your answer. Repreating group solved my problem and extracted all my information out of the table.


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