How to stop document separation if a same barcode is on two consecutive pages

We have a Barcode separation enable in recognition server and we came across a situation where we don’t want to split the document if the barcode value is same on multiple pages.

Consider the following scenario....

We have a pdf of 6 pages, out of which  ..

page 1 is one doc

page 2 &3 is another doc(two pages with same barcode on both pages)

page 4 is one doc

page 5&6 is an another one (two pages with same barcode on both pages)


 I need the barcode value to be extracted, so I enabled "separate on barcode" and "extract barcode" value.But the system splits the pdf into 6 docs(as we have enabled split and each barcode).


Ideally the pdf has to split into 4 docs as the pages 2&3 and 5&6 are one doc, but a multi page one.


Any help on how to achieve this

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    You may use the IsStartingPage property of the RecognizedPage object (see the ABBYY Recognition Server 4 Main Help > Creating a Script for Document Separation article) as described in this article In the external file you should save barcodes.


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