Getting XML in different format from Flexicapture


We have created the project into FC project setup studio and expecting the field values into XML file through API.

To get xml for the batch which is verification stage, we are using Load() action which returns the XML formatted as PRBS_AfterVerificationStage.xml. For the batch file which gets processed 100%, the Load() method is not returning the XML (returning NULL) so to get the xml we have used LoadDocumentResult() method and it’s returning the xml which is in the different format compare to what has been returned by Load() method.

Attached are the XML files for the reference that we are getting from the batch files after different stages.

We want both the XML files in the same format while getting them after verification or processes stage. Request you to help. 


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    This issue needs deeper investigation than forum format allows. Please address the issue to the regional support, send them the project, samples and scenario descriptions.


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