Sharing Data Across Multiple Documents Separated by Header


I'm looking to define a header in my multidocument template such that the last page of one document is also the first page of the next. That is, I need two documents (groupings of pages) to "share" the data on the separator page.


For example, suppose I have a 10 page PDF, which I would like to separate into two 5 page documents using a header element. However, on the "separator" page, the header element is found in the middle of the page, and there is some leftover data from the first document at the top of the page. Is there any way to include this data in blocks for the first document, and ignore it in the second. For example, in the below image, "CHECKING SUMMARY" is the header element which separates the two documents. However, the data above that belongs to the first document, but it is being excluded from that grouping of pages.

One technique I tried is to use the same text "CHECKING SUMMARY" for both the header and the footer, and to constrain the footer to be below the header, so it finds the next instance of this text (marking the next document). However, it is still not sharing the data on the separator page. Is there any way to accomplish this?


Please advise


Thanks, Alex Caruso

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