What does ICharacterParams.Symbol return for a new line character in FlexiCapture

Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping someone may have come across or knows what ICharacterParams.Symbol returns for a line feed character because it doesn't return what I was expecting. Here's the situation:

I want to go through each character in an auto-correction script making various updates/corrections and my script works perfectly fine until it hits a new line character. From simplicity, I'm just going to show a simple for loop below that is coded in C#:

foreach(ICharacterParams x in Value.Symbols)


   x.Symbol = x.Symbol.Replace("\n", "@");


When running this simple loop, I would expect the line feed to be replaced with an @ character, but for some reason it doesn't. If I run the simple line of code below though:

Value.Text = Value.Text.Replace("\n", "found");

The line feed is found and replaced with the word "found". I know for sure the line feed is in the text of the field based on the script line above, but the Symbols property of IValue (a collection of ICharacterParams whose Symbol property should return a character (a string consisting of one character)) does not seem to contain the escape character "\n". We are currently running ABBYY FlexiCapture v12.0.2.3042.

Any information would be appreciated.


Andy D.




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