Difference in extraction results between DD Editor and the test batch after publishing

I have written a script rule for finding the confidence of a character and set the value to a field as below

this.Field("xxx").Text = this.Field("yyy").Symbols.Item(0).Confidence

The above script is to get the confidence of first character of the field 'yyy'

When I test run in the document definition, I get the perfect output.

But once after publishing the document definiton, I drag an invoice in the test batch, I don't get the output. Even not for the same invoice.

One thing I noticed here is, I don't get output only for the Confidence property. I get the desired output for props like 'IsSuspicios','NeedVerification', e.t.c

Is this behavior because of the the registry key that is mentioned in the ABBYY docs as below? 

Confidence level for a batch type. Returns a value from 0 to 100.

Important! Using this property requires storing some additional data, which may increase the size of a document and additional disk space. By default, no additional data are saved and the property is disabled. For the correct operation of the property, set the registry key [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ABBYY\FlexiCapture\12.0\Controller] "ForceSaveConfidenceLevel" = "true". Instead of HKEY_CURRENT_USER, select the branch of the user account that will recognize documents."


And I couldn't find the path mentioned above:(


Please help




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    Mohammed Yunus

    Edit 2020-03-11

     I was assuming that the registry key will be already available and it was missing in my system. But my assumption is wrong and I have to add a new key myself. 

    After adding the key in my system, I am able to get the output in the project setup station. But when I process documents through UiPath, I'm not getting any results. I believe the reason is, the registry key must be set in the system where ABBYY recognizes document. Which means, while processing documents through UiPath, the document is not recognized in my system account, but the processing server. 



    I set the same key in the processing server as well, but still I'm unable to get results through UiPath. 


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