Replace a Single Character Using Script Answered

Hello, everyone! I have a field, for a specific vendor, that I need to replace the first character. The OCR is recognizing the first character of InvoiceNumber as "I" when it should be "L". I have created a rule to modify the InvoiceNumber field based on the vendor ID field but I am having a hard time completing the script.

For vbScript I know it would be something along the lines of: InvoiceNumber.Replace("I","L") but I am not entirely sure how to structure the script.  I am open to using vbScript of C# 

If anyone has an suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. 

Thanks in advance!

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    Vladimir Dimitrijevic


    Please try with this script:

    string vendorId = Context.Field("VendorId").Text;
    string invoiceNumber = Context.Field("InvoiceNumber").Text;

    if (vendorId == "33" && invoiceNumber.StartsWith("l"))
        //Context.Field("InvoiceNumber").Text = invoiceNumber.Replace("l", "L");
        Context.Field("InvoiceNumber").Text = "L" + invoiceNumber.Substring(1);

    You can use Replace method, but you should first check if this Vendor is sending invoices with more letters inside of InvoiceNumber field, as there can be multiple "L" letters. This is why I added StartsWith, which you can remove if there is only one letter prefix. 
    For example: "lol123" can be replaced to "LoL123" instead of "Lol123" if you use just Replace method.

    Best regards,

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    Zac Roy



    Thank you so much for your quick response. The script works flawlessly! I greatly appreciate the assistance! 

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