Getting Unrecognized invoice when I process the invoice through BOT

Hi All,

Invoice template is very straight forward. Just single page invoice. When I run the invoice through Flexi Studio and Flexi Capture, its working fine. Getting the result as expected. However, when I process the same through BOT, I am getting Unrecognized invoice.


In one case, I am getting this invoice in Unrecognized email without any error email trigger.

In another case, I am getting this invoice in Unrecognized email with error email triggered as "Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object."


Can anyone please help me on this ?




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    Vladimir Dimitrijevic

    Hi Prabu,

    What is BOT, are you doing RPA project? Anyway, first check logs in Administration and monitoring console, and take a look what is going wrong with routing. Afterwards come back with the results.

    Best regards,

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    prabu selvam

    Hi Vladimir,

    Thanks for your reply.. Yes, I am working in RPA. We verified in UiPath logs.. where we use to check confidence level..

    For Example, I have provided the confidence level for the above case. It shows -1, which means this invoice is not matching with my ABBYY template. I dont know why I am getting this value since the same is working in ABBYY Fleci Studio and Capture. 

    Confidence level for 180520074239_180520074157 is -1



    Prabu S


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