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We have 1 bot that using uipath integrate with ABBYY connector to process and fetch the data from pdf invoice convert into txt file and use txt file data to post invoice into SAP. We have an issue where after Uipath done process  pdf data using flexicapture to fetch the data and convert it to txt file, we do checking on information that process by abbyy and we found out sometime abbyy translate invoice number incorrectly. for example our invoice number is ASN345890 abyyy translate after processing, it become ASN34S890 in txt file. We have already setup flexilayout for each vendor template for bot able to recognize invoice belong to which vendor  and in flexilayout template we also have setup pre-processing as thorough but the quality of abbyy to translate the data still incorrect and cause many invoice failed to post into SAP. Is there any way to increase quality of processing? Thanks.





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    Vladimir Dimitrijevic



    Well we had similar experience, in InvoiceNumber we had letter inside numbers, and letter was recognized as number, totally opposite. FlexiLayout cannot help you as FlexiCapture will do the extraction. Try to change the language in data tab of InvoiceNumber field. 

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