How to upload my FlexiCapture project to FC cloud

The general architecture of FlexiCapture utilises projects to separate different use-cases and scenarios.

FlexiCapture Cloud gives you the same option, only you will need to create an FC cloud application first, to be able to connect it to your FlexiCapture project.

To do this, you will need to upload your FlexiCapture project to your cloud tenant using the FlexiCapture Project Setup Station and your FC cloud credentials you´ve received from ABBYY:


After uploading the project to your FC cloud tenant, you will need to create a new application inside your FC cloud portal and connect it to your project you´ve just uploaded.


You will be asked to enter your exact tenant information again


Finally you will have to select your uploaded project and give the web application a name.


An ID and a Token will be created automatically that you can now use to access your project via REST API.




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