How to recognize specific text fields?

I am going to capture data from invoices, bills, questionnaires, application forms, and some other documents. Should i perform OCR and search for field labels in it?

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    There is no need to recognize the whole document and search for the data in it. Instead you can recognize only certain text fields of a document and directly capture data from these fields into an information system or database. Please refer to the "How to Recognize Text Fields" article.

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    Any example on how to implement this? I think example codes and tutorial is lacking in your documentation.

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    Anastasia Galimova

    To test field-level recognition, you can use ConsoleTest application from .NET sample code.

    To recognize a single text field call

    ConsoleTest.exe --asTextField [common options] <source_dir|file> <target_dir>

    It performs recognition via processTextField call.

    Common options description:

    --lang=<languages>: Recognize with specified language. Example: --lang=English --lang=English,German,French

    --out=<output format>: Create output in specified format: txt, rtf, docx, xlsx, pptx, pdfSearchable, pdfTextAndImages, xml

    --options=<string>: Pass additional arguments.

    For example:

    ConsoleTest.exe --asTextField --lang=English --options=region=0,0,200,50 D:\1.jpg D:\result

    To recognize several text fields in one request call

    ConsoleTest.exe --asFields <source_file> <settings.xml> <target_dir>

    It performs recognition via processFields call. Processing settings should be specified in xml file. A sample xml can be found at gitnib.

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    can i have the same code for android ?

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    Maksim Rodkin

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