What SDK would you recommend for my apps?

I am looking for an ocr sdk that could be used in my android app. The sdk will be required to return only 3-4 ditigs from an image. I know from your corporate web, that you have not only cloud but mobile OCR SDK as well. What SDK would you recommend for such simple case?

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    Andrey Isaev

    In general case both Mobile OCR and Cloud OCR would solve that task easily. However there are differences that may affect your decision:

    • Licensing options. Cloud OCR SDK is licensed on per-recognition basis, you should prepay some amount via PayPal. For Mobile OCR SDK there are more licensing options available depending on your business model, but you will have to sign a license agreement on behalf of your company.
    • Mobile OCR performs recognition on the phone. Application does not depend on the bandwidth and network latency like in the case of Cloud OCR SDK, but in exchange the size of application itself grows significantly due to additional libraries linked
    • Mobile OCR is based on compact version of OCR technology and does not have all the bells and whistles available in Cloud OCR SDK. In challenging cases Cloud will give you higher recognition accuracy.

    Those are basic differences but there are many more. if you will provide more information about your application, I will be able to give better guidances.


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