Cloud OCR SDK versus FineReader Engine

I am trying to compare the Cloud OCR SDK with the FineReader Engine. I know there are differences for licensing and setup, but right now I am only concerned with quality/flexibility.

Are there lots of options available in the FineReader Engine that are not available in the Cloud OCR SDK? Will the FineReader Engine generally produce higher-quality results, assuming I use it properly? I can't find any documentation for the FineReader Engine itself (I assume I have to start a trial to get it), so it is difficult to make the comparison.

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    Ivan Khintsitskiy

    ABBYY FineReader Engine has a bigger set of tuning options compared to ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK. For example, using the Engine, you can specify your own dictionaries for recognition parameters, you can get detailed information about recognition variants, you can setup advanced export parameters like encryption for created PDFs and so on. Engine has dozens of options, Cloud SDK provides access only to most useful of them.

    The ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK is a recognition service running in the Cloud and using the FineReader Engine for recognition task. You can connect your application via a REST API and use the HTTPs calls. The service offers optimized Engine's settings for general images which means the developer does not need to worry about finetuning and testing (but has only limited possibilities to influence the results or to receive additional information about hte processing). Therefor, in some cases it is recomended to use FineReader Engine directly as it offers the possibility to achieve better recognition results by tuning it according to your image source and requested scenario.

    For example you are able to set up а specific dictionary, or apply image preprocessing filters, or tell the recognizer that there is no italic. This is an advanced task that requires a lot of testing.

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    Russell Aunger

    Is the nine-year-old answer to this question still true?


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