Receiving License SWAO-1020-0001-5345-3334-0671 expired on 07/01/12 00:00 Answered

I'm going to wager this is an internal error on the ABBVY side, but I'm receiving the following when calling the API:

status: 'ProcessingFailed' error: 'License SWAO-1020-0001-5345-3334-0671 expired on 07/01/12 00:00'

Anything I can fix from my side?

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    Same here, it looks this service is a big fail. Processingtime of 90 minutes and now it looks like their own licence is expired :-( I have the feeling as they take their cloud service not very serious.

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    Dmitry Mesheryakov

    That was a temporary problem with the service internals. The service is now fully operational.

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    Thanks Dmitry

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    Dear friends,

    You were affected by the ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK service failure occurred yesterday.
    We apologize for potential impact to your business and thank you for your patience. The problem has been already resolved, please see the details below.

    Issue summary

    1. ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK service was not properly working from 0:00 to 14:50 of July, 1 (UTC). The failure occurred because of a bug that was not caught by our testing system. The service actually was not completely down, but returning an error while processing pages, that’s why the failure was not caught by service health monitoring system.
    2. Along with this bug, ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK scaling system had a glitch, that’s why some of you could see a delay in recognition tasks processing.

    Corrective and Preventive measures taken by ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK team

    1. The bug in the code was fixed on July, 1 (Sunday).
    2. Currently our development team is working on improvement of our Testing and Service Health Monitoring systems to catch such kind of service failures in the future.
    3. The auto-scaling system will be tested again to find and eliminate the reason that caused the problem. Along with that we are going to implement additional tasks’ priority control functionality in the nearest future to isolate particular user’s processing performance from peak loads generated by other users.

    Please be assured that system reliability is a top priority at ABBYY, and we are making continuous improvements to make our service the best on the web.

    Sincerely yours, Alsu. ABBYY, Marketing manager, SDK products.

    PS: This was the first serious failure since the service started its work on Feb, 2012 (Public Beta).


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