"Prepaid package is valid for 90 days"? Answered

Hi, I have a simple question:

If I buy prepaid volume pack "S" (9,90 and 100 pages), I can only use this package within 90 days? After these 90 days I can´t use all the rest of my not used 100 pages (e.g. I only used 20 of my 100 pages within these 90 days)?

How can I use this service if:

  • I only need about 200 pages distributed over the whole year?

Thanks for your help and greetings from Germany


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    Andrey Isaev

    That is true, all packages are valid for limited time, this is a nature of all services like that. Service has its cost associated with providing opportunity to use it, even if no one is using it. We are still obliged to keep our servers running, pay salaries to admins, pay for hosting etc.

    When package is close to be expired, there are two options: let them expire or buy new package. When you buy new package, expiration date gets prolonged, and old unused pages get prolonged too. If you had 80 pages unused and buy 100 more, you now have 90 days and 180 pages.

    If you only need 200 pages evenly distributed over whole year, basically you will need to buy $9,90 package four times a year, and actually will have possibility to recognize 400 pages. Unfortunately, we currently don't have cheaper price points in our price list.

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    Why dont you think about buying credits? For example i need 200pages, that cost me 20$ and i can spend it when ever i need them.

    Its not really true that all services is run like you do it. Its pretty old school :)

    Also, monthly subscriptions would be great. For example, for 100$ a month you get 2500 pages for that month (not transferable) etc.

    What you have done with your prices is cutting out integration points with other cloud services and make the pricing very complicated.

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    Andrey Isaev

    It is highly recommended to post separate questions as separate topics, not as an answer to existing one. This system is built as one question/many answers, not as tradition forum.

    Actually we are planning to add montly subscription, so please stay tuned. Also, for large volume processing we can offer custom licensing modes, but downside is that it will require agreement signing (on paper).

    Can you please share to cloudocrsdk@abbyy.com in details what problems this type of pricing is causing to you? We will try to offer you with more options.


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