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I am doing a testing of your service and don't want to be billed for each test image. Is there a way to provide a 'test' flag during image upload to avoid using my credits?



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    SDK Support Team

    Quick answer: yes.

    Long answer:

    Any recognition through ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK service involves costs for utilizing CPU power. That is why ABBYY limited free recognitions to certain volumes and gave no means to developers to decide what was for testing and what was for production.

    There are multiple ways for free recognition:

    • Use sample images provided by ABBYY. You will not be billed for their recognition.

    • Recognize the same image multiple times. If you recognize the same image more than once, even with different processing settings, you'll be billed for first recognition only. All the subsequent recognitions will be free. The same here means binary equality, not the photo of the same document in different conditions.

    • Wait for future announcements. We have plans for providing additional options for cheaper testing.

    • If you have plans for high-volume recognition (100 000 pages and more), please contact our sales team. They'll help you to get certain amount of pages for testing.
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