Setting language to EnglishMedical terminates app in iOS sample code Answered

Hello, I am trying to set language to EnglishMedical in the demo for iOS, like this:

  • (NSString*)urlString { return @"language=EnglishMedical&exportFormat=txt"; }

This causes the application to terminate. I experience the same with GermanMedical, but not with any of the other languages i have tried. The task status returned from server is "ProcessingFailed", and the reason for the crash is probably that the app is unable to find a download URL in the response. Is "EnglishMedical" not supported yet?

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    Dmitry Mesheryakov

    We've moved our service to a newer version of OCR engine and in the newer version

    1. EnglishLaw and EnglishMedical are included into English language,
    2. GermanLaw and GermanMedical are included into German language and
    3. GermanNewSpellingLaw and GermanNewSpellingMedical are included into GermanNewSpelling

    so when you need EnglishMedical you just specify English and have the right effect.

    We'll update the interface to disallow languages that are no longer supported and update the documentation.

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    Thanks for the quick reply, Dmitry :)


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