[ABBY FineReader Engine 10] Blank image recognition Answered


I'm using C# with the engine10 SDK. What is the API method that I should use to detect a page that is mostly blank with very few characters. Right now the process runs for nearly 10 minutes before proceeding so the idea is to detect partially blank pages and proceed to the next image without the engine spending lots of time in trying to recognise it.


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    Andrey Isaev

    10 minutes on blank image?? This does not sound like correct behavior. The less data on image the less time is spent on recognition. Exception could be when your image has little of USEFUL data, but lots of noise and tiny objects.

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    Anastasia Galimova

    If text formatting is not important for your task, you can try to set IObjectExtractionParams::FlexiFormsDA=true - this property is suitable for small text areas of low quality. For the detailed investigation of this issue please send the image and the simplest sample code where the issue could be reproduced to

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    Thanks, the image file is 69MB so won't send by email. I have a valid developer license so I'll raise a ticket with tech support so that I can ftp with corresponding ticket number.


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