Pdf, strange spacing Answered

Hey guys.

When i download .txt file, ocr is almost perfect.

When i download pdfSearchable, in a lot of cases, i get weird spacing between letters. Can this be somehow fixed?

Please note that when i use pdfTextAndImages, text is perfect(no photos, background ..etc)

Thanks !

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    Anastasia Galimova

    Hi Stephen.

    It's a known issue, it was already described here.

    In FineReader Engine it is solved with a special option "Tagged PDF". This option is not yet implemented in Cloud OCR SDK. Probably it will be implemented soon - I'm consulting with the developers now and will inform you as soon as I have additional information.

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    I`m also interested in this implementation. Thank you, Anastasia.

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    We would like to inform that the special option "Tagged PDF" has been already implemented in Cloud OCR SDK. The processImage and processImage methods have new bool parameter "pdf:writeTags".

    By default this parameter is set to autodetect value (auto). The possible values are:

    • write

    • dontWrite

    We hope it will be useful.

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    Unfortunately I steel have same problem even using write/dontWrite parameter. Can you please see this post?


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