[ABBYY FineReader Engine 10] Barcode extraction on page region Answered

Hi, when using the page object, there is a function AnalyzeRegion which we use to OCR specific regions of the image. We want to do the same thing with ExtractBarcodes on a region, otherwise the process takes too long. Is it possible to achieve this somehow?



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    The ExtractBarcodes Method of the FRPage Object finds and recognizes all barcode blocks on a whole image. So you process not the specific regions but a whole page. Hence it takes a little more time.

    If you need to extract only barcodes via the AnalyzeRegion method you could use the Engine::LoadPredefinedProfile( "BarcodeRecognition" ) method. This method extracts only barcodes, so texts, pictures, or tables should not be detected.

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