Use OCR SDK export result in a HTML usable format


I'm using the PHP sample code to convert an image uploaded on my website, and it works well.

Now I'd like to display the result in a <textarea> (instead of exporting it into a file), so that the user can modify it. Is this possible ?

If so, how can I do it ? Is there a way to do this that would keep the formatting of the text ? (maybe using <xml> export, to keep the bold/italic/underlined format of the text ?)

Thanx for your help, Best regards.



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    You could use the export to XML. After document processing you may extract the text by their coordinates from output XML-file. Unfortunately the XML format does not support the bold/italic/underlined format.

    If you are going to developer the web-service please pay attention to the 3.1(а) point of "ABBYY CLOUD OCR SDK DEVELOPER AGREEMENT": "You will not, and will not permit or authorize third parties to: (a) provide on-line services, whether commercial or non-commercial, through the use of the Service and providing the similar functionality as the Service or as ABBYY FineReader Online has to any third party via global network (Internet) without prior written consent of ABBYY;" ( )

    So the mentioned restriction (not to provide online service using ABBYY SDK) will be applied only if you are going to develop online service providing OCR functionality as its major functionality (in that way competing with FineReader Online service).


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