Aberration in scanned output for OCR Answered

A friend of mine installed a trial version of the Fine Reader 11, however the output that he obtains after scanning by an Epson DX3800 is surprising: the text appears split in 2 halves along the vertical median axis: the half on the left part of the original is displayed on the right side of the output, while the part on the right half is displayed at the right side of the output. This is an aberartion that impairs the use of the software. The OS is Windows 8 and the hardware is a HP quad-core Intel. Driver are all uptodate. I was unable to give any suggestion to my friend.

Any suggestion? incompatibility of software?

Thank you

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    Hello, ABBYY FineReader 11 is enabled to split the facing pages automatically if the function is on. To turn it off, please, run ABBYY FineReader, select Tools> Options> Scan/Open, untick the box. If you have any further questions regarding ABBYY FineReader 11, please, contact you ABBYY Partner or Technical Support:


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