problem in using OCR license file

hi all, I can use OCR engine in my application to Convert Image to text (with USB key license,on development Computer )

but when I use license file SWTOxxxxxxx.ABBYY.LOCALLICENSE and load engine by pGetEngineObjectEx( DevSN, NULL, NULL, FALSE, Path, Password, &Engine ) in my application (run on Customer Computer) the function....Engine->LoadPredefinedProfile( L"Default" ) can not work Event I already install OCR engine by command line with options used to deploy to normal clients ( the command I used like this : FR11Setup\setup.exe /qb /v INSTALLDIR="" SN="my key..." ARCH = x86 )

Could anyone give me some advises to solve this problem ?

Thank you very much, Best regards, Luan Dinh



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    please, check the input parameters in pGetEngineObjectEx: the Path, the Password and the DevSN. Does this Developer SN correspond to using in this project runtime license? Please, check if the Protection.Developer.dll library is not in <frengine installation="" folder="">\Bin. Remove the Protection.Developer.dll file from the Bin folder or just change its extension.

    If this information is not helpful for you please send to ABBYY support the following information: the sample project with which the issue can be reproduced, Serial number of your product and the AInfo report gathered from the machine where the issue occurs. How to create this report please see the article:

    The contact details can be found here:

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