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We are trying to understand the major font used in an FRPage object.

We have two questions regarding the FontStyle object: 1- How many different fonts can charParams.FontName return? 2- Could different font styles Verdana, Calibri, Tahoma etc. all return as Arial Font? We are curious on, how and why (most of the time) the different fonts are mapped to Arial and Times New Roman. Can we rely on FontName information, what is the accuracy and precision.

Thanks, ps. We are using FREngine version 10.

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    Julia Anikushina
    1. ICharParams::FontName stores the name of the font for a character. It can return one font.
    2. By default, FREngine uses limited set of fonts: Times New Roman, Arial and Courier. To enlarge the list of the fonts for FREngine please use the method ISynthesisParamsForDocument::AddRecognizedTextFontName().

    If you have any additional questions please send the detailed description of your issue to ABBYY support team. The contact details can be found here:

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    Hi Julia, Thanks for the quick response.

    How can I add another font, what inputs should I give to AddRecognizedTextFontName()?

    Here are the synthesis documents parameters I'm currently using but it didn't work for Verdana's case:

    var synParamsDoc = corpus.Engine.CreateSynthesisParamsForDocument(); synParamsDoc.AdjustRecognizedTextFonts = true; synParamsDoc.AddRecognizedTextFontName("Verdana");

    Also, we have another issue where a full page with Courier font is actually recognized as Arial font.

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    Julia Anikushina

    For further investigation could you please send us input images? The contact details can be found here:

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    Cool! How to do that in Java API? :)
    // Because there is no method AddRecognizedTextFontName in ISynthesisParamsForDocument
    // It's all about this question

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    Anna Falevskaya

    Please use the FontSet object (SynthesisParamsForDocument::FontSet) to enlarge the list of the fonts in the FineReader Engine 11. For more information please refer to Help→API Reference→Parameter Objects→Preprocessing, analysis, recognition, and synthesis parameters→FontSet Object.


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