ABBYY is not returning correct text for clear images


I have two images header_title_531919dc8f8eb.png and preparation_title_53166d334d7b4.png from which I am trying to extract text. These are pretty clear images but text extractions is failing.
I tried the following convert header_title_531919dc8f8eb.png -colorspace RGB -resize 5000 -colorspace sRGB h_resize.png and convert preparation_title_53166d334d7b4.png -colorspace RGB -resize 5000 -colorspace sRGB p_resize.png Then, text extraction started working for h_resize.png and not for the other one. With the second one I also tried convert preparation_title_53166d334d7b4.png -alpha extract p_alpha_extract.png convert p_alpha_extract.png -colorspace RGB -resize 5000 -colorspace sRGB p_alpha_extract_resize.png Still does not give me correct text. I use $ServerUrl/processImage?profile=textExtraction&exportFormat=$OutFormat&language=$Language" Is there something basic that i am missing here as these are very clear pictures. Can you please help.




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